Expand your horizon

Reach beyond mainstream thinking and explore new frontiers


Don’t be, explore scenarios of the future.

See the forest and the trees!

Change perspective and discover new ideas.

We help you make sense of a complex world


Rampant technology innovation

Abundance of data

Increasingly networked world

New business models

A changing global landscape

your Thinking

We use and build
simulation tools that will let you explore the full potential of your thinking and knowledge.

We help you think beyond current best practices and simple recipes. We help you gain new insights.


We help you apply
sophisticated technology
to real world problems:


Artificial Intelligence


Data Analytics

Beyond simple recipies and solutions

You are facing real world complex challenges for which there exist no simple answers. Trade-offs and dilemmas combined with uncertainty are common in the key issues you
are facing. You want to move beyond simple
recipes and current best practices.

We use advances in technology to bring powerful simulation, machine learning, visualization and optimization
techniques into practical use.

We help you

– Play with scenarios of the future –

– Model complexity, uncertainty and risk –

– Inspire new insights and ways of seeing –

– Understand trade-offs between decision alternatives –

– Leverage your knowledge and data –

– Move beyond data and visualization –

– Challenge your mental models –

– Leverage your current IT investments –

– Perceive new value creating opportunities from IT –

We help you apply critical thinking skills combined
with knowledge and creativity using advanced
technology in innovative ways.